PromoClinic Series

The PromoClinic Series!

Normally I sell The Total Net Success System for $147.95... But today I am conducting a special marketing test and you can have it for only - and THIS IS A STEAL - $49.97. See the order form below any also very carefully consider the special "Bonus Option".

To be frank with you... you deserve my complete honesty. I'm offering the Total Net Success System at this extremely discounted price for a limited time! Because... as soon as I have enough testimonials from my students who are willing to appear on camera, I'll be doing a TV infomercial!

I've already done two of them for other products and in fact this was a lot of fun. For my most recent one I hired Robin Leach of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" to be my spokesman. So when I begin airing an infomercial for the Total Net Success System, I will be forced to raise this extremely low test price to match at least what I'll be selling it for on the show.

So you should absolutely act today. Get it now. Otherwise it could be gone tomorrow at this slashed discount price!

-Mike G

If you have any questions or need help with your order, feel free to call us toll-free at 866-350-4872 (within the U.S.) or 248-230-8992 (outside the U.S.)

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Bonus Option!

Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing
a whopping 29 hours of training... Mike G at his best!

If you don't make a minimum of $2000 within your first thirty days of using my mega-course... I'll send you a check for $50... way more than twice the price!

You may not realize it but I have a complete, best on the net home study course.  It's called "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing."  It sells for $189.00 at in its hard copy format.

But, right here, right now, and only now, you can get the entire course in its digital format for only $21.97 and I'll send you all 29 one-hour training modules each with a separate link so you can listen and learn conveniently and at your leisure.

Just check the box in the form below and shortly after sending you your welcome letter for participating in this incredible advertising campaign, I'll send you the download link where you can get the entire mega course "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing!"

You will not be offered this entire course at this price any other time or any other place on this site if you do not select it now!

And I mean it... I will send you a check for $50 if you don't make at least $2000 within your first thirty days... I'm that confident. Simply select any three of the dozens of strategies I teach in my mega-course, implement them, and if you don't make the promised $2k within the first thirty days, simply let me know.

Yes!  Mike, sign me up for The PromoClinic Offer AND give me the download link for your $189 "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing" course for only $21.97 extra! (Check the "Yes" box to add to your order.)

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I understand that I will be charged only $49.97 for the PromoClinic series (plus the $21.97 for the Bonus Option if I have selected that also)!

The CVV2 code can be found on the back of your credit card (as illustrated here). For American Express this would be the 4 digit code on the front of the card.

All prices are U.S. currency only.

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We do not make and will never make any guarantees or promises of income in this or any other business opportunity.

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