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I guarantee you will love this solo mailing program, it will do things for you that you can not find elsewhere in the marketplace at any price half as competitive as this and that you will come back again and again and again, and you should!

If another client wants us to mail the same program that you may be an affiliate of, don't sweat it. We keep track of this and will select from our enormous database of over 200 million records another 1 million, or whatever your order is, to send your offer to.

It's important to note after your first successful campaign you may order again and again, and we will keep track internally of who received your offer the first time, the second time, etc.

On the completion of your order you will receive an email welcome but in case it gets caught in a spam-trap somewhere you must send your sales letter by logging into your account and clicking on "Ad Editor"

Please note that all orders are fulfilled on a first-in, first-out basis. Our account exec will be in touch to coordinate your solo mailing soon.

You may send your solo ad in either text or HTML format. Whichever you wish. Just let your account exec know when providing your creative for your campaign.

If you are opting to have me write your sales copy for you, simply provide any info relative to that in the "Comment" box at the bottom of the order form below. Otherwise, when your account is setup, you can log in and submit your own copy. All I need is your url. I do my copywriting work on Saturdays. So make sure your order is in by Noon Eastern on Friday, and I'll do it for you this weekend!

No refunds once your order has been placed. Our work begins scheduling you in the system the minute you press submit.

If you wish to track independently the results of our solo mailing for you, please provide a link or sublink in your solo ad that enables you to do so. We have no way of providing tracking data to you other than the number of clicks and opens.

If you would like to defray the cost of this campaign with others you may do that by utilizing our free link rotator scripting. You may provide us with up to 10 URLs that will will rotate in your sales letter. You can provide these URLs to your account exec during the scheduling phase of your campaign.

However, if you need to mail multiple separate sales letters (for example, if you are testing two distinct letters as an A/B split), we must charge an additional fee for this. This is due to the fact that a large portion of our expenses are involved in setting up your individual mailing. The additional fee for this option is $100. You can select that on the form below if you wish.

You will receive following the completion of your campaign a report showing the number of emails sent, the number of opens and the number of clicks on your link, but not of course the number of orders, sales, etc.

If you have any questions you may contact
Mr. Tom Wilkes, Director of Business Development at 772-261-4226 or by email at wilkes.tom27@gmail.com

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Mail my Solo Ad to ONE MILLION

Just $350 (I provide my own sales copy)
Just $350 + an additional $100 for Mike G written sales copy

Most of our efforts go into setting up the account and getting the sales letter just right to mail for you, not in the actual sending. Hence the $350 for 1 million may seem out of balance but it's not. It's time/value oriented.

Mail my Solo Ad to TWO MILLION

Just $650 (I provide my own sales copy)
Just $650 + an additional $100 for Mike G written sales copy

A/B Split Option (+$100)
Select this option ONLY if you need to mail two separate versions of your sales letter for testing purposes (most people will not need this option). Since a large portion of our costs go into setting up each mailing independently, the $100 fee for this option reflects the additional time and expense of setup. We will split your campaign evenly between the two letters you submit.

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NOTE: BannersGoMLM.com reserves the right to refuse or discontinue advertising to any individual or company for any reason we deem appropriate, solely in our opinion.

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Now here's the legal stuff our lawyers make us put here:

All advertising is considered sold once your web site has been accpeted for this solo endorsed mailing program. We are not responsible for the effectiveness of any given campaign or offer you may make. Nor are we responsible for the effectiveness of your web site, nor its ability to convert your traffic into members, subscribers, customers, or clients. We have a strict no-refund policy. Once your order has been accepted by us we will be happy to mail it for you again or another offer you may wish to make (in accordance with the above terms) if your first campaign does not make you money. You alone are the sole determining factor in the success of this or any advertising. Failure to pay for any advertising fulfilled by us may subject you to legal action in the appropriate court having jurisdiction over this matter in Oakland County Michigan. We may pursue any non-payment to the full extent of the law and will seek to recover all losses, including (but not limited to) all court costs and attorney fees when applicable.