Affiliate Program

Help us get the word out about The iCANetwork Phone App platform and we will reward you generously!

Our affiliate program is a Two Tier program. This means you'll earn residual commission not only on every customer YOU refer, but also on every customer referred by other Affiliates you refer!

Here's how it works:

You refer a new phone app customer... we pay you 25% of their monthly fee. EVERY MONTH.

You refer an Affiliate and they then refer a phone app customer... we pay you 5% of their monthly fee. EVERY MONTH.

With the projected growth in smart phone usage in the next few years, with just a few solid sub-Affiliates promoting this for you, this can get big - fast - for you! And because we pay you every month on every referred customer, you'll be getting residual commissions for work you've done just one time! This is the power of viral marketing!

We have just a couple rules.

  1. You may enroll as an Affiliate and then sign up as a Phone App customer under your own Affiliate account, but you will not receive commissions on your personal app purchases.

  2. To qualify for commissions, you must enroll and maintain TWO paying Phone App customers. These customers can be either from your own personal referrals, or customers referred by your Tier Two Sub Affiliates.

See our Terms of Service for additional standard Affiliate guidelines.

To get signed up, just provide the following information


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By submitting your order, you agree to all terms contained within this form and also in our Terms of Service.





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