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Our Provider and its partner banks guarantees proposed savings based on an analysis of the merchant's three and possibly up to six most recent processing months (Depending on merchant's business type and monthly volume.)

Guaranteed proposed savings are a function of the overall monthly costs (a combination of rates, fees, and monthly charges) based on the merchant's current rate structure and processing profile in comparison with USABANCARD's partner bank's proposed rates, fees, and monthly charges.

The guarantee payment of $1,000 is payable only if Our Provider's analysis shows no projected savings when compared to the merchant's current rate structure and processing profile. Any savings shownin our analysis, regardless of dollar value, renders the $1,000 guarantee non-payable. Actual savings for months in which the merchant processes with Our Provider's partner bank may vary from month to month, depending on processing volume and profile. Actual savings are not guaranteed. The guarantee is not applicable to high risk merchant types or merchants with poor credit. However, we guarantee 100% approval* even if you have been turned down elsewhere.

* Available in the U.S. only, and provided you have not been convicted of merchant account fraud.
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