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The ICANetwork GoLoan - Loan Application!

  • No application fee!

  • Borrow up to $5,000,000 - and use it for Business OR Personal purposes!

  • Complete Transparency! All programs you qualify for will be fully disclosed!

Get an ICAN Loan up to $5,000,000!


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This loan program is available to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. Standard US bank interest rates apply.

If you have any questions or need help, just ask your designated Loan Officer, who will be in touch soon after you submit your application!

To get started now, simply fill out the information below!

YOU MUST Check at LEAST 1 of the Options Below to Qualify. Check ALL That Apply!



Contact Information

Please note that some email companies like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and are notorious for blocking emails without your permission. If you use an email address from one of these companies, it is very likely you will NOT receive your Welcome email. We highly recommend using an email address such as or another alternative. 

If you do not have a business checking account, you must open one and have monthly deposits that exceed $6,000 for three consecutive months in order to qualify for any of our loans. Please fill free to re-apply when you have met this minimum requirement.

Tell us about why you need a loan or what makes you a good risk for our lender partners? The more we can share with the underwriters of your loan, the better.



Be Prepared to Provide The Following Information upon request by Your Loan Officer
  1. Last Three Months Business Checking Account Statements
  2. Last Three Months Credit Card Statements From Your Processor
  3. Rent Information
  4. Your Business Type
  5. How is your business Structured 
  6. EIN Number
  7. Social Security Number
  8. Copy of your Drivers License
  9. 3 Trade References
  10. Land Lord Info
  11. Use of Funds
  12. Info on any Tax Liens, Judgements or Prior Bankcruptcies


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