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To order my seminar-on-CD by mail, please provide a very nominal shipping and handling charge via the secure form below. This charge is solely for the purpose of offsetting our costs in getting this CD in your hands.

The shipping and handling costs are:

Just $6.47 within the U.S. and territories
Just $6.95 in Canada and Mexico.
Just $7.95 for all other locations.

(We'll charge whatever card you provide the appropriate amount based on your location.)

And all I ask in exchange for sending you this CD is including you in our Inner Circle Members subscriber list, where you get periodic updates from me regarding all sorts of opportunities and advertising resources you can profit with (just apply what you'll learn on my CD!), which are not available to the general public. And, inclusion in our "Your Membership Daily Exchange" - It's all about making money on the net!... a highly interactive and popular exchange with our 900,000 members. (You may cancel either subscription anytime you want.)

And I'll also include you in my promised super bonus "FIRST ALERT" program where you will get the opportunity to join me in various money making programs BEFORE I tell our nearly 1,000,000 members and subscribers about them. This is a huge bonus and could literally make you thousands of $$$ with little or no effort!

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Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing
a whopping 29 hours of training... Mike G at his best!

If you don't make a minimum of $2000 within your first thirty days of using my mega-course... I'll send you a check for $50... way more than twice the price!

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And guess what?  I'll give it to you, in digital format, for only $21.97!  Just click the link below and shortly after ordering, I'll send you the download link where you can get the entire mega course
"Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing!"

You will not be offered this entire course at this price any other time or any other place on this site if you do not select it now!

And I mean it... I will send you a check for $50 if you don't make at least $2000 within your first thirty days... I'm that confident. Simply select any three of the dozens of strategies I teach in my mega-course, implement them, and if you don't make the promised $2k within the first thirty days, simply let me know.


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