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SilentSalesman™ App Independent Representative (IR) Application!

Here's everything you receive!

  • Your official designation... Silent Salesman™ App Independent Representative (IR).
  • 100% Completely refundable deposit with only four (4) total clients over 'any' period of time. I want you to have your deposit back, every dime of it! Just say "OK" and I'll do everything in my power to help you achieve the financial goals you have set for yourself.
  • A protocol manual "UNLEASH THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN" with step-by-step instructions for enrolling the client and submitting the client to corporate. We believe the salesman should be free of endless paperwork – You send us the order, we take care of everything after you do. More than fair, is it not?
  • 500 free high quality leads for any city or category of small to medium-size business. Then more when you need them.
    Both scripts: One to lead the prospect to, (and we will customize this link for you) letting it do the selling and one to close and collect payment info.
  • An order form you just fill in and submit back to the Silent Salesman™ Company.
  • Webinar training, both live and recorded for your convenience.
  • Uniform commissions, big commissions, of $250 per enrolled client. And $15 per month for the life of the client's app with us.
  • Complete fulfillment by us including building the custom App. See the video at This includes sending the client the finished App guaranteed to work on BOTH Apple™ and Android™ smartphones, and available in both stores for easy download by the client's customers, prospects, members - you name it! Almost 100x more effective than email.
  • I'll let you know about our plans for an IPO before the general public.
  • Just imagine if you only put in part-time hours where you'll be in one year. A year which will happen anyways. Your own prestigious cutting edge business with full support from the company that produces the only product of its type. A hungry audience and if you wish, your own sales force working for you. And, it's really up to you, a lifestyle that right now may seem totally out of reach… BUT IT REALLY IS NOT!
  • Please join me in the latest revolution, the phone app industry which is literally changing the face of the Internet. Two years from now you will look back and you will see how right I am, and if you don't take action on this offer today I promise you, you may regret it then more than any other opportunity you have been fortunate to be invited in on.
We provide complete training! We are partners and want you to succeed. We host a live monthly training webinar. Each one is recorded so you never miss out, even if you can’t attend. We also give you access to our #1 salesman turned trainer to help you when you need it.
In fact, if you want to say “Hi” to your Personal Trainer, Mr. Carl Troutner, just call him between 9am-8pm Eastern Mon-Fri. But keep in mind his only function is to “TRAIN” and this phone number is exclusively for Represent-atives.
Mr. Carl Troutner, Trainer


9am-8pm Eastern Mon-Fri

Simply fill out the Application below to get started! Your deposit is only $99.95!

Your Information

Please note that some email companies like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and are notorious for blocking emails without your permission. If you use an email address from one of these companies, it is very likely you will NOT receive your Welcome email. We highly recommend using an email address such as or another alternative. 

Please answer the following:

We want to keep this simple and the opportunity available to as many entrepreneurs as possible. Therefore there are just two questions for you that require only a yes or no answer:

I am willing to invest a minimum on average of 7.5 hours per week including study time and training time to become a success as an Independent Representative for the Silent Salesman™?



With the energy I am willing to devote in this endeavor, I cannot see myself failing to be the success I choose, with the company Silent Salesman Inc.?



30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

When you receive your Unleash Manual and see everything we are sending you, and all we are going to do for you, if you feel for any reason its not right for you, just return it within 30 days in its original condition so we may send it to someone else who is waiting, and we will refund 100% of your deposit!

Your Payment Information

Please charge my credit card.

Please accept my application for this prestigious Independent Representative (IR) Designation for the Silent Salesman App™, and immediately send me my copy of the Silent Salesman App™ wealth training manual, “Unleash The Entrepreneur Within!” I understand I will be charged a deposit of just $99.95 today, but have my entire deposit returned to me after I make just 4 sales, which I earn standard commissions on as well!!

The CVV2 code can be found on the back of your credit card (as illustrated here). For American Express this would be the 4 digit code on the front of the card.


Earnings Disclaimer

Here is what our lawyers make us say:

Our Guarantee

We will not and can not guarantee you will make money with us. We are not about hype and we're not about false promises. There's too much of that hype and junk all over the net these days, and we will not participate in it.

All info is held strictly confidential, we never rent, sell or trade your info with anyone for any reason.

By submitting your Broker Application, you agree to all terms contained within this form and our website, which may change from time to time.

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